Note: this is not about the matrix or anything related to that.

Second note: I didn't know where to place this, because its a malware this section seemed best to me.

'Blue Pill' Prototype Creates 100% Undetectable Malware'
I read this on eweek [1] and another (dutch) rss feed. I went in search of the website [2] . After clicking trough to the blog [3] site my fear was lessend, thank god.
It turns out that its still in prototype status and is still not 100% undetactable.
About the eweek article, by the creator of "the blue pill" :It suggests that I already implemented "a prototype of Blue Pill which creates 100% undetectable malware", which is not true.
The blog further explains things about how the program works, although I have to admit that I haven't read it all. Much of the things explained there are above my limmeted knowledge of the computer.


P.s. I do not mean to scare anyone as I'm certain that someone will already have read it. I just thought I'd post about it to inform those who didn't. I hope I didn't cause a fuss or anything like that, that is not my intention.