Hi all ^^, how´s everyone doing?

I saw this "promotion" the other day on a used material shop near me of a 128Mb Rimm and a 256Mb Rimm and i was very interested since im running the following hardware specs:

PIV 1.5Ghz
256Mb Ram (64x64x64x64 Rimms)
ATI 9250 256Mb
Seagate 5200rpm 40Gb
Maxtor 7200rpm 120Gb

My doubt is this, can i remove 2 (64x64) and add a 128 Rimm, plus the other 256Mb rimm?

I mean, wouldnt it work like, 64x64=128 + 128 rimm = 256 + 256 rimm = 512 Ram?

If i can do this, please let me know since im no expert.

Thanks in advance, and cheers to you all!