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    Can you decyrpt this?

    I've never devled into cryptography before but I had an attempt at it today and was surprised to find how people never even considered how I'd hidden this message.
    Take a look at this code:
    What? I know noone. Am I tall? Fool! Your touch hurts! Imply new rage for songs of his freed night. Aim at that nun! To truely eat, eat that horse. Enter red. Bleed, smile, listen. Tsar; food of smarts, exhalted unhaltting tangent. (Great on fluff). No attack hates Eru. Lo! Make haste! Wrive a very left ailment. Over lusted soul.
    Can you find the message in it?
    (It's a quote in English, originally said in Greek).

    I realise that this method is completely impractical from a security standpoint but it seems quite fun.

    I hope that with practice I'll be able to make the code read as if it were actually about something rather than a load of random words.
    \"Some say they go looking for Drugs, Dirty Dancing and Pounding, Pounding Techno Music.\"
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    Are we supposed to know greek?

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