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    CTRL + ALT + DEL on MAC OS X

    Ezzz all Antionline hedz..

    I wasn't too sure which forum to put this in so appologies in advance..

    I was just interested if there was a similair function?? Or, is there a way of going into the process tree etc on MAC OS/X?? Reason being i keep having Limewire freeze on me while other applications keep running.. Instead of restarting the PC to continue using Limewire, can i isolate and terminate??

    Is this the best solution?

    Also, what are good spyware/adware etc removal tools for MAC?

    Appologies again.. i know its n00b stuff but i know u peeps are the xperts and im sure u can help..


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    click the apple in the top left cornor and go to force quit. try that.

    im new to OS X.. just about 1 week under my belt. never had it freeze or crash on me so cant say for sure
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