EMAIL Providers Ceasing: REGULATIONS
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Thread: EMAIL Providers Ceasing: REGULATIONS

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    EMAIL Providers Ceasing: REGULATIONS

    I used an email provider which i was very happu with for several years... It is called

    I went to check my email one day, the site was comming back as a bad gateway.. A few days later i could actually get to the site but it says BETA all pver it.. I has been like this for a long time now.. I can't check my emails.. the email provider has just ceased.. no warnings, no nothing!!!

    Now, you can imagine how much this has stiched me up!! Does anyone have any wise words of wisdom with regards to this or can help me out

    TIA All

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    I cant really help you except by crying in your beer....................these things happen.

    However if you follow this link: you will find the name and address of a man in Cirencester (not that far from Bristol ) who might just be able to help.

    There is a clicky down the bottom to reveal the e-mail addys.

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    Was this a service that you were paying for or was it a free service that they were offering?

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    In America there are no regulations governing email. If a company fails, power off nothing you can do. Unlike telephone companies, electric utilities etc. First rule of Business Fight Club, watch the financial positions of your providers.
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    Was this a service that you were paying for or was it a free service that they were offering?
    No, just my personal email account i used for friends


    Well i'm guessing that there isn't anything i can do about this.. I havn't been able to find any litterature about this really so the 'outlook' is bleak
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