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    Norton, Norton, F****** Norton

    Hi guys,

    I will try my hardest to refrain form swearing here, which is hard when using Norton or Symantec in my thread.

    I'm looking for some input from corporate usesr, network admins, etc or anyone really conversant with corporate protection.

    We use ISA 2004 as our edge firewall.

    We have about 15 mobile users whom have Norton Internet Security 2005/6 installed.

    When they are away it is fine but when on corporate LAN they have to disable the firewall otherwise all internet access is blocked.

    We have captured the traffic and examined and when the Norton is enabled on the laptop's after the HTTP get request, the ISA box asks for authentication which it should. the we get no reply fom the laptop.
    if we disabel Norton internet security on the mobile it works fine and uthentication is provided.

    What we want to know is does anyone have any ideas, or what odes everyone else use in a corporate environment, i mean what do corporate users out there use on the mobile machines and doe sit work well when on corporate LAN ?


    As a seperate query we also cannot get Symantec Corporate 10 to liveupdate through ISA 2004, it tires to connect anonymously even when we provide credentails in liveupdate settings in control panel but then doens do anything and liveupdate reports that it is upto date een though there updates out there, which i know cos i can set to to go through the old firewall which basically lets everything through and it wokrs fine.

    Symantec are useless and have sent me the same document 3 times which relates to ISA 2000 and not ISA 2004 and they are gettgin on my nerves.

    Any ideas guys, cheers in advance
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    Hi geepod

    Here where I work we use Trend Micro's Internet Security 2006, most if not all the time our mobile (laptops) hook into the LAN they have no problems, I find Trend Micro very user friendly and very easy to configure the profile in order for the firewall to work.

    The only snag we met was with our (Symantec) PC Anywhere's, in some case's while troubleshooting a satellite PC, the app can't connect because of the Firewall, in this case all that is needed is to adjust the security settings on the Firewall and we are able to connect.

    Trend Micro

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    We use Trend Micro as well... It works like a top. My experieince w/ Norton has always been bad... I've installed Trend on over 30 corporate networks and never had problems...

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    I believe there is a service pack for version 10...do you have it????

    I do...got it as part of my maintanence agreement a...along with support??

    I have not upgraded to version 10...yet...as I have had a very bad past experience updating the CE software on a server\network...and it took me a whole weekend to fix....once bitten

    I usually install the new version when I do a fresh install on the server.....

    Now...in ISA...maybe you need to create a new access rule allow all traffic from ip range to *.symantec.com???? I am sure its on symantecs site on how to get updates through a firewall

    As for your remote clients.....you may need to create a custom rule as ALL firewalls interfere with LANs and thier communications.....even XP firewall allows exceptions when on a LAN...ours do anyway...its part of the group policy-turn on XP firewall with these exceptions....works for me

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    Yep, we use to have Norton too, but kicked it out beacuse it gave too much headaches. Replaced by Trend Micro, and is working like a charm ever since.
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