My apologize if you took what i said as a flame, never was it meant as that. That's one pitfall with chat or forums is tone is assumed or heard when there it wasn't intended. Again, sorry, I was actually trying to help, I've been in the position you are describing and actually was giving you what I did to get around it.

As for me flaming you for being a "security office". That was a misunderstanding of how i read what you were saying, I took it as asking "Do I need admin access" not as "I know i need access, but what does everyone else think".

I don't think posturing is necessary, you can read my profile to see what i say i do, but i could put just about anything there.

I am done with this thread, it has gotten way out of sorts, for me to continue will be just sticking my foot further down my throat.

Good luck in your venture