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    My apologize if you took what i said as a flame, never was it meant as that. That's one pitfall with chat or forums is tone is assumed or heard when there it wasn't intended. Again, sorry, I was actually trying to help, I've been in the position you are describing and actually was giving you what I did to get around it.

    As for me flaming you for being a "security office". That was a misunderstanding of how i read what you were saying, I took it as asking "Do I need admin access" not as "I know i need access, but what does everyone else think".

    I don't think posturing is necessary, you can read my profile to see what i say i do, but i could put just about anything there.

    I am done with this thread, it has gotten way out of sorts, for me to continue will be just sticking my foot further down my throat.

    Good luck in your venture
    There are two rules for success in life:
    Rule 1: Don't tell people everything you know.

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    No harm done Opus, but I do appreciate you being a big person and apologizing. That was righteous of you. Hey were all on the same team here, so let us all help each other out. Knowledge is always power and there not a person I know you knows everything especially myself. Enough said.

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    Did I miss something here???

    I dont see any flaming???

    As for my original response......I am jaded...we get alot of skiddies here asking how to crack a domain admins password....or by pass policies setup by admins....

    Wasnt sure what your next question would be...

    and.........we can say that we are whom ever we want to be....

    As stated in the manual....you need to have domain admin access to do a complete scan...

    For basic MS vulnerabilities I use the Baseline Security Analyser from MS

    Its free


    Still need to be domain admin

    Sounds like you need to chat with the higher ups...to ensure you have the tools and permissions to do your job

    and dont worry about stepping on toes......I do it all the time

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Thanks, I gues in this profession you have to step on some toes to get things done.

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