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    Unhappy how to access ext3fs from windows

    i have messed up my debian installation but have over 25 gigs of data on that partition that i need to save ... the only thing i can think of is to copy locally and then reinstall

    can someone recommend a OS/free tool

    and if not ... even commercial products that you have exp. w/ are welcome

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    http://www.chrysocome.net/explore2fs, here you go.

    Google Helps!!

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    get a usb hard drive.

    download a ubuntu live cd
    use the live cd to transfer your data to the new hard-drive.

    i said ubuntu becuase i have used it and i know usb works with it.
    but other live cd's my work aswell.

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    i haven't Ubantu but i can tell you Live BSD works well for this!
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    and so would knoppix std.. well it's saved my arse a few times..

    and Helix live cd when opened in windows will let you browse linux partitions also..

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    i don't have any exp w/ unbutu ... but

    are you saying that it writes into ntfs

    last knoppix version didn't ... only read
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