10 fun thing to do in an internet cafe..

1. Hold mouse up to ear and yell "I can't hear you!!! You're going to have to speak louder!"

2. Play Pac Man and state to person next to you, "These new games are incredible!"

3. Practice spinning your mouse mat on index finger - globe trotter style.

4. Put your monitor's contrast and brightness on full. With wide open eyes, yell "It's going to implode!"

5. Tell the cashier you wish to redeem your free 1000 hours and hand him a bag full of AOL promo CD's.

6. Type hard and loudly looking behind you yell, "STOP MAKING ME TYPE THIS - IT WILL ONLY MAKE THINGS WORSE!"

7. Wheel your leather executive chair into Internet cafe and up to the computer with the largest monitor. Sit down, turn to the person next to you handing them a stack of papers, "Get these photocopied right away, the president wants them by Tuesday."

8. Casually look around the room for people in chat rooms, log into the same chat room and after a brief and somewhat disturbing conversation state "Your blue jeans go well with your white shirt."

9. Play your collection of Sesame Street MP3's.

10. Dress up in ragged and worn clothes. Squeegee monitors for spare change.

11. Draw two red lines on either end of the floor with a marker, recruit other interested racers and rev up your wheelie chairs.

12. Turn off the lights and have a Star Wars light saber moment with your optical mouse (Darth Vader sounds are encouraged for extra fun).

13. Show up in hand cuffs and gagged mouth. Use foot to navigate mouse and visit 'escaped fugitives guide' web site.

14. Insert floppy disk in drive and have person next to you do the same. Place bets and eject - furthest disk is the winner!

15. In the middle of writing an email, turn monitor off and sigh "Ahhh not again!!!", turn monitor back on and utter "Oh thank God!". Repeat until you see concerned faces.

i've tried a few of these at my shop, and you do get some wierd looks from customers..