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    Brandnewbian...easy ?

    I realize this a stupid question for you guys but I have to ask it.

    I have a desktop....

    w/Comcast cable modem

    I bought a wireless laptop ( Toshiba ) and router ( Linksys ) Wireless B

    What is the sequence that they should be connected?

    Does the Desktop need to be wireless as well?

    Should there be software with the router?

    Thanks in advance

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    Find your model and read the manual

    It should tell you how to set it up

    Cable>cable modem>router>laptop

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    Yes there is software that comes with the router but I never install it. If your laptop has wireless card and you are running Windows XP, Just allow XP to handle the wireless configuration. Sometimes you can get a conflict with the linksys software and XP software configuration. Read the manual and you will learn how to access the router from your IE browser.

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