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    Folder into Harddrive Partition

    Does anyone know of a way for me to convert a folder on my harddrive directly into a partition? i have an 80 gb disk and 60 gigs are used, but i want to take a folder that is 30 gb and turn it into a partition, any ideas?

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    Not sure if I understand what you are trying to do...but if you fill up a partition with a folder...then you will not be able to access the data...because an OS needs free space on a partition to access it.

    Buy a second harddrive and put files on it.....dont fill it up though..else you will not be able to access the data.

    And lately I have had some really wierd stuff with partitions created with partition magic....I usually partition when I do the initial install....

    So I suggest the 2nd drive....


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    I know what you are attempting to do, but if you do this using partition magic you run a risk of over writing the files. Like the last guy said get that information on a different drive or slap it on some DVDs and format the drive and repartion it.

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    Matt~ you have some good advice there in my opinion.

    I have a friend who insists on calling "Partition Magic" "Partition TRAGIC " and with good reason.

    Please note that is NOT a criticism of that particular software, just what it does and what people try to do with it. There are other partition management tools that hit the same problems (Ranish?)

    You have an 80 Gb drive with only 20Gb of free space. That is not enough in my opinion. You need working space greater than that which you are trying to work with, which wold be at least 35Gb in your case.

    Incidentally, I do not believe in filling drives beyond 80%, as you don't get a good defragmentation.

    Morgana~ is a very experienced support person, and her thinking seems to be identical to my own..................you partition FIRST , not "on the fly" or you will stand a very good chance of screwing your data as Ghost~ suggests.

    Good Luck!

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    I'm 100% in agreement with purchasing and/or installing a second hard drive. You can't plan what you might need to install in the future nor should you have to wonder if you have enough disk space to install larger programs. Install the second drive and enable the quota limit so that you won't run into this problem again (with the quota limit, you'll know the drive has exceeded a certain % full long before it becomes a problem).
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