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    Stopped support for windows 98

    I don't know if there is a thread started on this already because the search engine sucks. But, I was looking through the news and saw this article.
    Bill is back to wanting to stop support for 98. I know most of you use XP at home but I'm sure you have relatives who have older machines that can only run 98. Is it right for a company to stop support for a product that would open older or less knowledgable people up to fraud and identity theft. How many people are even going to know that there is no longer support for their operating systems?
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    It was going to happen sooner or later. Look at some of the Linux distros; Ubuntu rolls out a new version every 6 months. 8 years for an OS is a l-o-n-g time. What is it I always say? 1 computer year is 4 dog years?

    That makes Windows 98 a 32-year-old dog.
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    the best distro ive seen for old 9x machines is puppy linux, but some like dame small linux. i think maybe 'puppy' is too "cute" a name for them to handle. it's a live cd that you can install without loosing your windows files as long as your using FAT.

    what could be bad about running the most upto date and patched kernel and software where before you were running an accident waiting to happen. itd also a bit faster than 9X on old machines and really flys on newer machines

    have a look


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    There's no reason for anyone to run Win98 in '06... I'm surprised they've supported it this long.


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    Hi siby , and welcome to AO

    I'm surprised they've supported it this long.
    Actually, I am not. Some countries have consumer laws regarding how long a product has to be supported. I am certain that an outfit as slick as Microsoft will have built that sort of thing into their support model.

    Also, the equipment that it is being run on is approaching its replacement date, and Vista is not ready yet. If Microsoft allowed a window of opportunity there, they would be liable to lose out to other operating systems?

    Actually, Windows 98 is not that insecure for a Windows OS as it runs very few services by default. I live in "sticksville" and I would guess that 50% of home computers around here run 98/ME, yet I get far fewer cleaning jobs on those than I do with XP/2000. OK older people only use them now and again and most old folks don't even trust ATMs let alone online banking

    As for:

    There's no reason for anyone to run Win98 in '06
    There is, if you are using a PI or PII

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    Well I still run on 98, it might not be my main computer anymore but it was half a year ago. And if you ask me there will be a lot of disapointed people. I'd rather install windows 98 on a pc that can pull that of good then have it strugle with 2k/ME.
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    I still run 98, too. I run into a lot of old stuff in the field and having a 98 box helps immensely. I also use it to test hardware, and it comes in handy for some data recoveries. And of course, it's a great gaming OS that runs some of the old DOS games. Although I heavily customized my 98 machine (see pic).
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    "The laggards are those users who are going to keep these systems around until [the machines] either catch fire or simply don't turn on one day," Gillen said. "Generally speaking, these people who run old operating systems are probably not waiting on the edge of their seat for the next new Windows operating system to arrive."
    A bit harsh......but probably true, and yet who could blame them, as they watch the "newer" systems get attacked on a constant basis, some people are comfortable with the theory.."if it aint broke then why try to fix it"?

    It took years to get Grandad and Grandma used to Win 98 and it's quirks, I don't see this demographic jumping (skipping a generation XP) so eagerly to get on the Vista bandwagon any time soon..

    This is the irony of still using Win 98:

    Johannes Ullrich, chief technology officer for the SANS Internet Storm Center, which monitors hacking trends, said Windows 98 and ME users already have a measure of security through obscurity, because most malicious code created today will not run properly on those systems.
    So if your fully patched and up to date and have a reasonable AV and possibly a router as well with a firewall, where's the beef?

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    I still have a 98 machine at home....for the kids older games ...and web surfing....we have a router and 6 machines now at home....

    98 actually gets less infected with stuff then my 2000 machine....

    Kids just got a new dell...xp home....internet doesnt work on it yet...(until mommy locks it down)

    funny how a little gateway setting mistake can mess up your connection

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    I am still running a 98 box... If I had to find all the programs to reinstall on a new box I would be hard pressed. And the 98 box is running just fine thank you
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