I went to the Myspace page that paperghost talks about on his blog posting at Vitalsecurity.org (http://www.vitalsecurity.org/2006/07...n-myspace.html) and it starts loading then Mozilla gives a illegal operation and crashes - anyone else have this problem? The Myspace site is here (BE CAREFULL AS IT MAY BE MALICIOUS) (added spaces for safety sakes for the newbs)

h t tp:// www. myspace.com/myspacegraphichelp

I pulled down with WGET the site html and all the graphics files it points to. McAfee and couple other AV scans come up with nothing and so did a alternate data stream scan as well.
I'm running Mozilla version 1.7.13 with Active-X and JAVA turned OFF. I'm not all that worried about my machine as I was running Mozilla inside a sandbox but I'm just curious what its doing.

Any thoughts? Puzzled.