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Thread: Myspace site crashes browser

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    FYI, just to close the loop on this item...

    Looks like this page was an employee of Zango (see's story. Guess a bunch of MySpace sites were propagating the spyware (Zango)...tsk tsk tsk.

    As of July 14 MySpace those sites were either shutdown or Zango software removed - see post here

    My suspects this wont be the last time we see an online social networking site being used to spread spyware crap.

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    i got a good question on this topic ... every browser i use ... wether(sp) it's firefox,opera,IE,firefox tux, nautilus, konquerer, mozilla, etc.
    it always crashes viewing my profile on myspace .. it confuses me cause it's not just a firefox thing ... it's a whole OS thing... windows and linux.... havent tried mac yet ....
    now i'm not tryin to spam my stupid little blog .. but i'm looking for some input on what could be the cause
    dont have other tabs open when ya click it .. it may crash whatever you're using

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    Nope no crashing on my end, left my other tabs open and it loaded fine for me..

    Although there was a small spike in the CPU usage, but other then that nothing out of the normal.


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    *scratches head*
    any other ideas?
    *edit* for crazy idea
    maybe that cpu spike is a system call that i havent been able to chase down yet possibly something sound related? cause the only thing i can think of that's odd w/ my system is the corrupt audigy eeprom ... but i cant see why that would only crash the browser and not take the whole system down with it

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    javascript malformation.

    someone farked up their js and it's killing all my browsers.
    pull the js and no crash

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