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    You and me both.... it's a windows error. he took the laptop to a meeting so i no longer have it, but it states

    Windows System Error
    there is an IP conflict with another system on the network

    I'm at my wits ends. And I feel real stupid right now. Screen shot attached

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    Wow... that is freaking weird.

    Have you tried to unisntall/reinstall the NICs?
    (make sure you download the lastest drivers to the PC before you do this.)
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    I had been there. When I remove the system, the IP is not there. I have tried to ping and arp and nbtstat it when the laptop is offline. It just seems like it is internal.
    My DNS records show no conflict. My dhcp server shows no conflicts. My Wins is set

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    Reinstall of the NIC's. No not yet, but that does seem to be the windows thing to do isnt it. i hadnt thought of it because I thought it was something obvious I was missing in settings. <being new and all>

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    when you switch PC on and it goes to network, all is OK
    BUT when you attempt to use network with a second device on same PC it conflicts ??

    could it be that the PC has one IP. and whichever protocol starts first will get it ??

    so that when the second protocol attempts to access network, the IP has been used, system 'sees' it as a conflict

    in reality there is no conflict
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    or have I missed something
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    updating the drivers for both NIC cards solved the problem. Thanks for all your help. Untill the next time I can't figure something out!

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