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    Change your IP

    This is suppposed to change your dynamic ip

    In notebook type
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /refresh
    ipconfig /renew

    then save as (select all file types) ---filename.bat

    this is now a batch file rather than a txt file simply hit run on the file and watch the progress.

    If you want to print out the result add this line into the same file befoe "END"

    ipconfig /all>filename.txt

    a report will be saved in the same directory as your batch file detailing your new ip and a bit more

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    uh.... ok. Thanks ?
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    The Who, What, When, Where, and Why, etc.., is missing from your post. Why not come back and fill in the blanks. Also explain at least one other way, that a dynamic IP can be changed.

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    Excellent Answer!!!

    uummm, but where is the question?
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    Ah another fine copy and paste tip if you could call it that.

    it's called NOTEPAD not NoteBook
    Now if you had actually read the tip you would of realised that while you were copy and pasting it on other sites..


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    Re: Change your IP

    Originally posted here by Tiarna
    This is suppposed to change your dynamic ip
    No, it doesn't. There's a 99.99 chance out of a 100 the DHCP server will serve you the same IP.
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    if you wanna change the ip then goto and select allow flash in the advanced options
    if you wanna watch videos without flash then go to and join the trial

    hope that helps.

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    Firstly, this thread is over 7 years old, so if you want to raise the subject again, you should start a new thread.

    Secondly, you have missed the point, as the subject is how to change a dynamic IP address that your ISP has allocated to you. It wasn't made clear why you would want to do this, but I suppose you might if you were experiencing a DoS attack?

    Hidemyass is a proxy service, so the sites you visit don't see your true IP address, but the one assigned to you by by Hidemyass. Your router/modem is still using IP address assigned by your ISP, so you haven't changed that.

    The easiest way to change a dynamic IP is to power off the router and wait a few seconds. Alternatively you could disconnect the router from the gateway or phone/cable connection.

    Obviously you are still traceable via your connection to your ISP, but if you were under attack, it would mean that the attacker would have to find you again.
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    There also many other alternative methods to change IP address as well.

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