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    Clearing Google Search History

    Something I happened upon by sheer accident

    Don't know if this will work in other browsers...I use Firefox...

    After you've got your drop-down menu there...highlight the top one...hold the Shift key down...and press and hold Delete...

    It should automatically scroll deleting almost everything in it's path.

    Or...to delete individually...just press delete as you require.


    EDIT: I know there are easier ways in IE to do this...but...all the same...

    Just tried it in IE...you can do it there too...but you have to repeatedly hit the delete button...you can't hold it down too...so...you can do IE this way but you have to do it one at a time...fast-fire

    Apparently it works in all drop-down search boxes...I just cleared my PM menu the same way.

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    You can also try Browzar which is currently at the centre of some controversy - and don't rely on it for complete anonymity, there really is no such thing. However this lightweight program that sits on top of Internet Explorer does away with auto complete, browsing history and cookies, so that no trace of what you've been up to is left behind.

    The internet files are deleted not wiped, so recovery software could still track where you've been, and a list of browsed sites remains in index.dat, but that's really beyond the scope of the program. You can stick the program on a usb key and quickly install it on a shared computer.

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    You also can clear it through go to setting section.

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