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Thread: symantec crashes windows

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    yeah i found out the hardway... i thought there was some fault in my hardware and a few sessions with HP (useless support group) they screw around my system and i need to reformat it 5 times so later i decided not to install MS drivers and it was fixed ahha

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    Originally posted here by whatever878787
    ATI driver up to date
    Ran AVG but it says that it cannot open C drive.. uninstalled reinstalled still the same (and i reboot everytime i uninstall/install AVG)

    i tried event viewer but it doesnt say whats the problem... all i can see is it the startup event no shutdown or error event there
    Honestly, I am not even sure this sounds like a software problem to me... it very well be a hardware problem, IE: a failing Hard Drive or power supply.

    I would check the most basic things first, such as using a volt meter on your power supply and make sure it is getting proper voltage.

    Next step would be to verify that your Hard Drive is not dying a slow and painful death.

    Running Memtest couldn't hurt either.

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    vaneck... thanks for the advice... the 'box' that i m using now is a laptop... is there a way to test the powersupply? and how can i see if the hdd is dying?

    going to run memtest when i get back

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    I don't think that your problem is/was hardware related, as that message is generally associated with firmware (driver) problems.

    There are two basic ways of testing the power supply.

    1. Physically testing the outputs with a multimeter.
    2. Using some sort of "PC Health" type software that monitors inputs to the MoBo.

    To check your HDD go to the manufacturer's site and download their diagnostic software.

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