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    Can't download, right click, or access IE options

    I run Windows XP and IE 7.0 beta 2. Recently I've encountered problems with downloading files (can't download any, no matter what type), I can't right click save or copy, I can't access my internet options, and I can't use my delete key.

    I've tried system restoring to two different points, I've run McAfee scan, SpyBot, AdAware, and CCleaner. The only thing that has turned up has been registry values that need deleting. Any suggestions?

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    Beta is Beta.....what can I say

    I am sure there is a beta newsgroup at MS that may be able to help

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    I agree about beta software. I found one tidbit of info.
    If your Internet Options menu isn't working, it may be
    a registry key.

    Go to the start menu > RUN command > type REGEDIT and press enter. Navigate through the registry keys until you get to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\don't load\. Look and see if inetcpl.cpl is listed. If it is, delete the entry for it and log off.

    If that isn't the cause, you'll have to spend an afternoon googling for
    info on the registry keys that affect the features you want to fix.
    You can almost always manually fix these things with knowledge
    and patience. Some of the programs that promise to fix "everything"
    are too blunt. You gotta do it yourself.
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    Some of the programs that promise to fix "everything" are too blunt. You gotta do it yourself.
    Good point, especially when they were not written with Beta software in mind? they could do more harm than good.

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