Hi everybody,
I have a question regarding a stalker who has been following me around at an online forum. That person is literally observing my forum activity and follows me around every where I go with 30+ accounts - no joke -. I can tell it's him due to the fact that he gives out all those poorly disguised hints when replying to my post but he also starts tons of threads under various nicknames all over these boards, for me to see. So it's kind of difficult to ignore him, I tried that for a while but then he just posts under a newly created nick.

You see there is no way to not read his post and I've to add that this person is not sane and can't work because of this. I regret making acquaintance with him but I couldn't have known this before.
The extrems to which this person goes is quite uncanny, it's a classic stalker craze scenario. That person fell in love with me and is now mad over the fact that I don't share the same feelings for him. That person is FURIOUS, I'm talking about "Fatal Attraction" sort of craziness.

However, he won't get banned because he doesn't post anything offensive, just those litte annoying and harrassing personal hints that he constantly posts after me.

Changing my nick is not an option because as I mentioned before he kind of dedicated his life to me and observes those forums and sooner or later he'll track me down me down, just from noticing my mannerisms in word and speech. I know this sounds beyond crazy but I kid you not that person is always online day and night and probably just sleeps 3 or 4 hours at most...this is going on for almost two weeks now.

The main problem is that he is using proxies for all those accounts, I know this for certain because I messaged some of the moderators of that forum and they reassured me that some of the accounts I mentioned to them are using proxies and they promised that they will keep an eye on one or two of them but they can't promise anything.

What to do about this? I don't really want to leave the forums because of this bullshit, isn't there a way to trace forum members who are use proxies?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.