Has anyone ever installed this before?

I am trying to set up the Standard edition of it,

I have completed the following steps:

Prep Shcema
Prep Forrest
Prep Domain
Installed files
Activated the service/server

Installed Communicator on a client

I am using TCP on port 5060 rather than TLS at least until I get it up and running

But - when I try to connect to it via COmmunicator 2005 I get:

"Cannot sign in to Communications Service because the server is temporarily unavailable, please try again later."

I have checked all the settings with the LCS admin snap in and it all looks to be ok, there is not firewalls on server or client blocking the ports and I have added the SIP 'SRV' record in to DNS.

But all to no avail!!

I have read and re-read all the tech documents that MS have and was about to phone them up for some technical support, when I seen the price of their tech support!
69:00 + VAT for help via Email or 199:00 + VAT for help over the phone or if it is out of hours 398 + VAT!!

So I gave that a miss!

Any help, pointers would be hugley appriceated! I am thinmking that it may be something with the AD?