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    Best Website For UK IT Jobs ?

    Hi all,

    I've just graduated from a UK Uni with a Computer Science degree. Anyway i've started looking for jobs on websites for entry level positions in the ICT environment. At the moment i check the jobsite.com, monster.co.uk, and the 'job centre' almost every day. Can anyone recommend any other websites to use to look for UK entry level jobs.

    Many thanks in advance for any help,


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    You appear to have the majors covered, you could maybe add Manpower.I think you will find the same jobs cropping up in multiple agencies. Depending on which industry sector you are interested in, you could try the careers links on web sites of any large organisation, or Local Authorities, Police, Health Boards, Educational establishments, etc, etc, where you will find details of any vacancies they may have. ( I know from personal experience, that Strathclyde Police usually have quite a few vacancies, I assume this would apply to other forces)
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    I think, this is the best website to find jobs in UK and other countries in the world. http://www.jobz.pk/jobs_in_uk/

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