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    data storage


    I was about to set up a web server of my own (on my Sempron system) and I am going to provide accounts to my friends for e-mail, a thought struck me, when I will provide e-mail accounts to my friends that will naturally take uo my system space. so if i go ahead and provide a space of 20 MB then it will aprox a use of 200 MB of disk space for 10 of us. How does the e-mail giants like Yahoo! and MSN manage these many users with 2 GB space to all these million of users and how on the earth they manage the accounts that get created every new hour. Is there some technology they use.

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    The giants in the tech industry handle it the same way any other idustry does, they threw money at it.

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    I sometimes wonder if the 2gb offer to each and every user is mostly for publicity. It is highly unlikely that they feel they need to have that much space for each user. Granted, the companies do need a large amount of space, but not as much as you would think.

    I'm sure very few users actually fill up their entire mailbox since emails are quite small (depending on attachments). In addition, even though emails can be archived, some may still feel the need to delete emails they don't need.

    This is somewhat similar to how dial-up internet companies had more customers than their systems could handle. They realized that just because they have that many customers, they won't all log on at the same time, thus earning more revenue from more customers than the support they could provide.
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