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    Holy Crap

    So I have been working with a computer repair company fpr about 3 weeks now and we got a system in yesterday for a virus and spyware cleanup. I was informed that the problems had been happening for about a month. When i ran a spyware scan with Ad-Aware it returned something on the order of 400 problems most were registry keys starting misc virus, spyware, and trojan programs. I then proceded to run Spy-bot which found around 100 problems(this was after fixing the Ad-Aware problems) and fixed those. Then it was on to virus scanning I used AVG it returned 303 problems mostly trojans. Today as i type this i am running an online AV scan and it found 130 problems a large portion of which are registry keys and some files that AVG didn't catch. My only thing I can say is WOW that's a lot of junk and its no wonder that the computer locked up durring startup. I hope I caught it all. I have spent about 5 hours working on this computer.
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    back in 2001 when i was a script kiddie,, i was downloading all kind of sh*t full of viruses and malware, i ran norton after a while and had over 8,000 infected files....but that is a lot of junk...
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    when i was working dsl tech support I was using remote assistance on a cx's pc and she was running 200 processes all at the same time! I was like Holy Sh*t!
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    Think the most I ever saw was 600+ infected files in Ad-Aware, then last week 500+ files in Spybot. The whole time AVG kept popping up warning of trojan downloaders. I've seen it all. Teenage boys are the worst. Those kids'll wreak havoc on a machine.
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    I work for tech support at a college university. I support the administration PCs on campus day in and day out. Amoung the other employees, I have the record for the most spyware found on a PC.

    One professor PC found 1,646 infections!

    Thanks to an updated Adaware...

    I wonder what kind of surfing he/she was doing in between classes.
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    The worst case virus scenario I ever had to deal with was a client machine on a small business LAN. This person somehow contracted the Nimda virus. Norton found 3000+ infected files. Took forever to clean this machine (I'm talking days, not hours )
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    By default both adware and spybot count tracking cookies as problems, if that was the case theres only one thing to say, holy hyjackers batman, You found ALL the spyware there is on that box...
    I know its sort of taboo here to say this, but depending on what the infections were, i would have fdisked the machine... its quicker and more reliable...

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    as a point of interest :
    how much has anyone scraped off with CrapCleaner ??

    my record is two PC's, commercial premises, 1GB each
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    Hey Hey,

    I spent over 2 years doing student support at the college... You think those numbers are high.. try students machines when they pull them outta the box, plug them into a res LAN and don't install updates... We wanted a Wall of Shame but management didn't feel it was appropriate...

    We formatted one computer when a scan hit 22,000+ viruses and still wasn't complete... prior to that the record (virus scan only) was 3200... Usually with AdAware and Spybot we could add anywhere from 1000 - 2000 more results... People just don't care... it works.. and they can pay people to clean it... that's all that matters to them.

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    I hope that for the customers sake they are being charged a flat fee for your service. Spending more than an hour to clean up spyware and such is unexcuseable. At such time you should realize how bad the problem is and backup the customers data ( which you should have done before you ran the first tool) and format and reinstall the OS. If you would have done that you would be done already and the customer would have a fresh system.

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