So I have been working with a computer repair company fpr about 3 weeks now and we got a system in yesterday for a virus and spyware cleanup. I was informed that the problems had been happening for about a month. When i ran a spyware scan with Ad-Aware it returned something on the order of 400 problems most were registry keys starting misc virus, spyware, and trojan programs. I then proceded to run Spy-bot which found around 100 problems(this was after fixing the Ad-Aware problems) and fixed those. Then it was on to virus scanning I used AVG it returned 303 problems mostly trojans. Today as i type this i am running an online AV scan and it found 130 problems a large portion of which are registry keys and some files that AVG didn't catch. My only thing I can say is WOW that's a lot of junk and its no wonder that the computer locked up durring startup. I hope I caught it all. I have spent about 5 hours working on this computer.