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    Linux-Help with gparted

    Hello. I am trying to use gparted live cd so that I can partition my hard drive which currently has xp media center on it so I can dual boot with suse linux 10.1. When I boot from the gparted live cd it starts but then it just stops after displaying many lines of irqs and what not. At the end of it, it says something along the lines of error with irq and to try the irqpoll boot option. What exactly is the command that I am supposed to use at the boot menu to enable that option. I have tried several I found on the net having to do with 'acpi' but none of the commands are recognized at the boot menu. Any ideas. Also I have read that newer motherboards are having trouble with this from another article on the net. Thanks.

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    Any ideas. Also I have read that newer motherboards are having trouble with this from another article on the net.
    Quite possible that your version of gparted doesn't support your main board as you indicated. However, my wife and I just built her a new computer and SuSE 10.1 had the drivers for all her new gear, even the video card! So...

    /me scratching head wandering why you would use gparted in this case???

    If the goal is to install SuSE 10.1 in a dual boot environment with Windows, install windows first if not already. Clean out all the temp files, etc., and defrag if appropriate. Then insert the SuSE 10.1 DVD or Disk 1 of the set, into the DVD/CD Drive. During the install you will be given a default option for partitioning. If you like what Yast recommends then use the default. If you want to set up a different combination, then use the custom partitioning option, etc. Grub is a pretty good boot loader as well, so you're all set.

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    Yea I'm thinking that it is the motherboard. I am using gparted because this video that made it look really easy. http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=06/07/20/1654251. So is it easy to use the partition tool with suse 10.1? Yast will let me repartition my current windows hd. In the vid I believe it shows the guy creating 4 different partitions for linux will yast do that for me? Sorry for all the questions but I have screwed up a dual boot before. Thanks for your help.

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    Yes, YaST will allow you to do all that. However, do make sure you don't delete your Windows partition accidentally (the easier a tool is to use, the easier it makes it for you to screw up). SuSe is excellent at walking newbies through setup in my experience.

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