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    problem connecting to internet in backstrack 1.0

    can anyone plz tell me how to connect to internet in backstrack 1.0 .when i work in winxp i m able to connect . i m using broadband cable internet connection
    thanx in advance

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    Hello dianacusat , and welcome to AO.

    I am afraid that I do not understand your question. Do you mean BackTrack 1.0 ?

    And do you mean that you cannot connect to the internet in Windows XP?

    That I could understand, as BackTrack is a Linux application, not a Windows one

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    Hey Hey,

    Close their nihil Backtrack isn't an application but an actual operating system... a Live CD that users can boot..

    Diana's problem is that in Windows XP to cable connection works fine... she (assuming from the name) can browse the net fine and everything works.... When she boots Backtrack, she can't obtain and internet connection...

    type ifconfig and see what's listed... the odds are you'll have eth0 and lo. Is there any information assigned to eth0... then try dhclient eth0. This will tell it to get a DHCP address... then do ifconfig eth0... If you have another network interface other than eth0 then you can substitute it into the above commands...

    Another big question would big... Are you using VMWare Player to do this or booting it seperately because then there are a few other things such as network type that come into play..

    Lastly, they provide fairly decent support for Backtrack on their forums @ http://forums.remote-exploit.org/

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