hi people

I have a confusion to be taken care of. I m on my way to buy a good graphics card for my machine. But, even after reading reviews and researching on stuff, i wasnt able to reach anywhere.

I already have GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 with 64 Mb memory on my PC. But, now I would like to have better graphics card....which has the pixel shader thing and a memory of minimum 256 MB or above. I have the Compaq Presario 4020IL machine with the AMD Athlon 2000+(1.67GHz) processor.

I live in India, have budget of around Rs. 10000($222).

Whatelse would you need to know abt my machine??

Another thing, I would like to ask is.....what's the difference between Graphics card and Graphics Accelerator? are they different names of the same thing? Whats more preferable to buy for a gaming pc.

Also, are only the nVIDIA graphics card good? or there are more better ones out there?