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You guys on this site are harsh!!! If someone is new to the boards, you really are looking to rip them up, just because they haven't been a part of Antionline for 5 years and don't have a 1000 posts doesn't mean they don't know their ****. Is this a ritual when someone is new to the boards they go thru a phase of getting ripped up and then eventually they get a little respect. Nobody on these boards has any idea yet of my experience or background nor do I know of the people on the boards.

I did not come to this site to have to prove anything, I simply came on here to network with people in the field, learn from others experience, possibly help other people out in the field this was my reasoning behind joining the site.

To tell you the truth I have found a lot of valuable information on here, although when ever I seem to post something it turns the wrong way.

I may not have the most experience in the security field "5 years" but I have been a part of some good organizations and I do have some solid knowledge on many aspects of security and much to contribute.

So rip me up if you like or give me sometime being on Antionline before flaming me to toast.

It's all good though, I am not the type of person to disrespect or flame anyone so I will not resort to that level and that is not why I came on to Antionline.

Just because someone is looking for advice on starting a business does it mean that you should be flamed for trying to better yourself and the community. Is this what Antionline is all about?

You guys are unbelieveable!!! This site is meant to be helpful and to contribute and build the security industry not to put people down that are trying to move up in the field!!!!

Two words BOO HOO!!!!!