Current video issues

My current setup:

Enermax 535W PSU (separate 12V rails)
Asus A8N-SLI Premium (BIOS version 1009, latest before Beta)
AMD64 X2 4800+ (2x1MB cache) Socket 939
-> XP-90C heatsink with 92mm high flow fan blowing into the heatsink.
2 x 1GB Dual Channel (512 pairs) OZC PC3200 (gold plated 2-2-2-5)
Audigy X-Fi FPS Edition
BFG GeForce 7900GTX (factory overclock, reg 650MHz, sold at 670MHz)
-> (planning to purchase a second card for SLI soon)
200GB SATAII Seagate HDD 7200RPM (windows installed)
300GB SATAII Seagate HDD 7200RPM (linux and extra storage)

1 x ViewSonic VX924 19" LCD
1 x ViewSonic VX922 19" LCD

Windows XP SP2 w/ latest updates

Here are my problems. (Note, I had an AMD 4000+ on here a couple weeks ago and had the same issues)

Very often I get the dreaded BSOD, something to do with nv4_disp.dll. From what I've read on google, this is a very common issue relating usually to drivers. I have used the drivers right off the CD, the fully updated drivers from nVidia's site, and the XG drivers. I have reformatted windows just to see if that helps. When changing drivers, I uninstall, boot to safe mode, use driver cleaner to remove, reboot, and cancel auto install, then install driver with install program.

My other issues are, when running DualView mode and playing a game like FEAR on the one monitor, it runs great. Then it suddenly locks up for a second, the other screen (just the desktop) goes black like it looses the signal for about a second, then comes back up and everything returns to normal. It is starting to do this much more often. Used to be every few minutes. Now it's every 15 seconds or so. Way too annoying.

Also, occasionally (especially if using spanning) on the one monitor, I get a little line that vibrates up and down. It isn't a visible line, but if there is something there like text or a picture, that little line jumps up and down a bit. It's on the lower left side of the monitor and goes horizontal for about 4-6 inches. If I change the view to say DualView and back to Spanning, it goes away.

I have tried installing the lastest chipset drivers for my motherboard, latest sound drivers, video drivers, windows updates, and have the latest BIOS that isn't beta. I don't understand why I'm having so many issues.

I also have a monster power bar which is supposed to filter line noise. I'm pretty sure there is enough power. As for temperatures, my GPU runs at 58 C under load. CPU runs at around 45 C under load. Nothing is overclocked (except the factory overclocked BFG card, which is only 20MHz extra.)

Any ideas on the problems going on here? Iím getting very annoyed after all the money Iíve dropped into this machine only to have it crashing a few times a night. Could the card be bad? I might try getting it replaced (got the extended over the counter warranty for 2 years, might as well use it I guess) but I donít know. I got Linux to install last night, I have yet to play with the configuration or push the card to any limits yet. Iím just kind of lost. Maybe you people have any solutions to anything here? Any help is greatly appreciated.