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    Angry Problems accessing resources with Exchange 2003 on ADS

    Can anyone help with an issue that I have with Exchange 2003, basically I have been thrown in the deep end on active directory with hardly any training. So basically I don't know sh*t!

    I will explain what I have done so far -

    Migrated users account - Most of them successfully migrated
    Created new resources on my ads branch in the resources option on ads

    My problem is I have created a distribution list and added the resource that I have created!

    I have logged on as that resource i.e. res******* logged onto Outlook with no issues. I then change the permission for the root of mailbox to add the Secretaries group dl****** , after this I add the dl group to mailbox root permission and via delegates to accept meeting!

    I cannnot even browse the first folder even when I add the Secretaries directly to mailbox instead of through a distribution list!

    I have given time for replication through the system i.e. 24 hours - Don't know what the replication is time (was told 15 Minutes) not convinced thou!

    I woul greatly appreicate any help or links!!!
    I am also checking m$ and google for information relating to this problem

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    I am gonna give this a stab...

    Log on as administrator or the owner of the mailbox from a machine that has Outlook installed...then assign the permissions there??? within Outlook??

    By right clicking the mailbox or sub files with in the mailbox...you can then assign permissions as needed????

    also....have the users that need access log off and then back in to gain the new permissions???

    May work

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    I have fixed it! I have given the user owner access should of done that in the beginning - However normally reviewer works

    Thx for all your help

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