Hi guys, so I was browsing around, as I tend to do and the Start Your Own Security Company thread caught my eye. This topic intrests me greatly because I too would someday like to start a small security company. Unfortunatly, NOBODY answered the OPs question in the 4 pages that was the thread before it killed itself. You would think the title had been "Do you think I'm 1337 enough to start a security company?" or something.

Well maybe none of you have any experience in that area(which would be ironic), but if any of you do I would really like to hear some advice or experiences. Successes and failures such as what works, what doesnt... I think this topic is would be a great contribution to the AO community.

SOOOOOOOO... have any of you started your own security company? What scale did you initially start at and what were some of the hurdles in getting up and running. How do you find clients and what measures do you take to protect yourself from liability? What range of services do you offer?