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    ebay fake users+feedback...

    Looked at laptops on ebay and I've noticed something new (to me). I've been wondering when this was going to happen, and now it has...

    Item for sale: New laptop
    Price: Low (TGTBT)
    Vendor's feedback: 10-20
    Example ebay item: 270014959002

    Looks interesting. After all, he *does* have positive feedback, might be a startup with access to cheap goods.

    Look at users who've left feedback - the standard ebay phrases ("A+++++", "5 star" etc).
    Look further at these users - all with feedback of zero, all very new.
    Look at auctions they've participated in - all for 1 penny items with no description.

    So we have people writing scripts to create:
    * Fake auctions
    * Fake users
    * Fake transactions
    * Fake feedback

    All pretty straightforward, and finally here.

    What this means is that people have to be a little more careful about vetting unknown vendors.

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    Price: Low (TGTBT) ... might be a startup with access to cheap goods.
    Stolen, or non-existant, to be sure. I had someone approach me a few months back offering me a $1500 Dell laptop for $500. She was a beaut, I was sooooo tempted, but my instincts said stay away. Found out later they were coming off a loading dock at the airport, if'n you know what I mean.

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    I remember I used to see friends bidding up items all the times, and it still happens alot. Now they've got bots to log into another user created account to do it for the fraudulent sellers. Well, it was just a matter of time. It makes me angry though the fact that I worked hard to get my positive feedback and now people can just "generate" it...
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