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    Windows XP terminal Services?

    Right now I'm just trying to gather some information and woundered if this was possible.

    Can you use a windows Xp pro box as a terminal "SERVER" and allow several users to connect to it using seperate desktops?

    Can this be done for free with seperate software?

    I know linux based terminal servers can be done fairly easy. But i'm looking into having 4-5 people connect to one windows machine to use a single application. I am also trying to keep cost down since the single program is all that keeps us using windows.

    I even tried running the program (Filemaker pro 5 + ISP full) through wine with no luck.

    Thanks for any help and i'll add more information if needed.

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    Not sure what you're trying to do here, since Filemaker 5 supports multiple users; all you have to do is run the database as host on the host machine and have other users connect to it... Do you only have one copy of filemaker pro?
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    XP Pro can act as a server...with a limitation of 10 concurrent users

    Share the database folder and map the users to that...the user will need the application running on thier machine...pointing to the mapped or UNC path

    It AFAIK XP cannot run as a terminal server......

    Although you could use the remote desktop feature ......one user at a time

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Right now filemaker is running on a very slow and old mac system. It does have a web interface but the machine it runs on is old and can only handle one user at a time this way.

    At the moment everyone has a seperate copy of Filemaker that connects to the isp full server. In the future however we may consider getting rid of some of the windows machines in place of cheaper more streamline thin clients, removing the problems of users downloading movies and music, as well as saving money on license keys.

    I ran into another snag that has kind of put a stop on my idea. Filemaker will only run once on a machine. And it would violate our license agreement by trying to use multiple accounts on one instance of FM.

    If anyone knows of a compatible open source alternative to filemaker please let me know, I'm slowly searching through sourceforge at the moment.

    Again, Thanks for the replies.
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