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    ...mail.ru? My buddy's Ukrainian wife uses the same email service. I think that's a popular portal in ru-land (Russia).
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    Re: A Russian "girl" wants me also

    [QUOTE] Originally posted here by Shuttle
    Originally posted here by foxyloxley
    I think this is leading up to something, no matter what gibberish I reply with, I get her next letter and pictures, always greeting me without caps. And rambling on about minor details. It looks like the person is using a translator site to speak. Same email address sweetkarina79@mail.ru
    Hey that's my girl!!!

    Same e-mail address here. Yeah the e-mails seem to predict that I would reply every single e-mails of her. She/He wasn't even trying hard enough! What a shame, cos "she" does look good.

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    LOL, Im amazed at how technical this site gets sometimes, haha
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    last email received today... "she" went to a corporate picnic...
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    So what'a the value that you have added by adding such a post to a dead thread?
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    Well attach the pic and lets have a looksee

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    I started this thread but no need to bring it back from the dead....
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