Nokia has discovered a vulnerability in the PC Suite software versions 6.7 and 6.8. The vulnerability which is related to ActiveX environment creates a security hole in PC Suite rendering the user's computer system vulnerable to harmful attack. In case ActiveX is not activated in the user's system, the system remains intact and is not vulnerable to attacks via this hole. So far, Nokia has no knowledge of anyone having been impacted by this vulnerability.

Nokia began investigating the vulnerability as soon as it was discovered, and developed an updated version of the software that will solve the issue. The security update is now available for download on this site. The update is also being pushed directly to those users of the Nokia PC Suite who are connected to the Internet and who have permitted the update feature.

Nokia takes all security issues seriously, and we constantly develop and integrate advanced security features in our products. The vulnerability discovered in PC Suite versions 6.7 and 6.8 did not affect mobile devices, but it formed a potential risk to the user's computer system. All PC Suite users using either of the affected versions are strongly encouraged to download the security update to their system.

No software is safe.