Hi there,

Thought I would put something down about this. It is yet another one about a friend who relies on her computer for her work, has had it for four years, and connected to the internet on it for the first time with no firewall antivirus or anything, for about an hour.

Well old muggins here, offered to help, by putting avast on, and when it did the boot scan, something like 84 files had to be dealt with.

So it doesn't work now, a bit like the London Underground. She was however clever enough to have partitioned the harddrive when she first got it, so all her work appears to be safe at the moment. She tried the recovery disc that came with the computer and it worked up to a point, though the virus alerts were still coming.

It was all win32 virus stuff. How do you deal with this, is it simply a clean install of the operating system, or is there ways to actually deal with this sort of crap?

I am never offering to secure someones pc again, they can all F**k off and die in their own ignorance if it means that I can sleep at night without the guilt of just appearing to wreck someones computer.

Jonobloody freekpot Rfodn