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    Backup server hardware

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to build back up server (debian linux as OS) for my school administration workstation computers (we have 3 admin computers).
    So my question is if I would like to transfer files (around 1 GB/month) as backup from workstation (windows) computer to back up server (linux), should I upgrade the memory RAM or the hard drive server?

    At the moment I have only 1 GB for memory and 150 GB hard drive, I have to choose betwen memory card and hard drive... ( we don't have enough money to upgrade both hardware).

    So any suggestions..should I go for memory card first...or hard drive first..?


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    I am assuming that by "backup" you mean storage, rather than a functional backup.

    You have 150Gb of storage, and you want to transfer 1Gb/Month?

    Allowing for 20% redundancy on the hard drive (they tend to work better if they don't go above 80% of capacity) you have storage for 10 year's data...............the machine will surely have been replaced by then?

    For simple data copying tasks 1Gb of RAM is more than adequate. I would be very surprised if you even used the first 512Mb.

    So, on the face of it, the answer to your question is probably neither.

    However, as this is a backup server, you might consider another hard drive and going for a RAID1 array (mirrored). That would give you greater security.

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    Ahh you right about that, it's storage. We will transfer files as back up in that storage only for 1 month and then when we'll delete it for the next "new month" coming up.
    OK this is the scenario... storage july files >>> on the last day of august, we will delete last july files back up/storage>> back up/storage august files and on last day of sept, we will delete last august files..and so on.

    Thanks for the suggestion for that RAID! array (mirrored), any howto raid array mirrored the easy one?

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    This might help:


    Otherwise just do a google search for "RAID ARRAY" then search for Debian in the results. There are lots of articles so you need something that matches your hardware? that would be the drives and the motherboard.

    Basically, there are two types of controllers: hardware and software...........hardware are generally considered to be the better option although both will work just fine.

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    How important is this data? You think monthly is often enough?

    I backup my important data every night and send it offsite the next day.
    On machines that may not be *that* important... I do it twice/week.

    Are you going to store the backups offsite?

    Maybe you should look into some tape solution?
    Even burn to DVD?
    Even flash storage is cheap enough.

    1gig is nothing. I don't see a need for a server just for that...

    Is all the data actually stored on the workstations? If so, wouldn't putting it on a file server that is backed up on a regular basis make more sense? (Even burning the backup to DVD.)
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    Hey Hey,

    Both nihil and phish have offered great advice...

    If you want a true "backup" server you'll want to go with something more than a 150GB HDD... even in just a storage server you'll want more than that... nihil suggested mirroring... For once a month storage that's a great option... some others for daily storage/regular backup you may want include raid 10/0+1, raid 5, raid 15/5+1.

    What phish said makes even more sense... if you're looking at 1GB/month... why not CDs... the last place I was at we did regular DVD storage and saved it all... had a huge library... burn it to CD, date it, label it with the contents and update a database (access, web-based, whatever) with what CD has what on it... make two copies of each... keep one on site for easy access and store a second in an offsite location..

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    Thanks guys, what a great community...

    We will do what Phis and Nihil suggested, We like try to do that back up every day ( yes is important school data administration files ).

    We just had a good news from school donator, They will give us some money ( not alot tho...it's donations..) to buy second hand server.

    OK, now we have two choices of the hardware that the one we looking for...is not very expensive and not to cheap.

    Server Number 1 :
    IBM X-Series 360 server, with four Xeon MP Processors 
    - 4 x Intel Xeon Processor MP 1.4Ghz
    - 4gb DDR Registered SDRAM DIMM memory
    - 2 x 72gb 10k Ultra160 Hard drives
    - Serveraid 4LX Ultra 160 SCSI RAID controller
    - 1.44 Floppy drive and CDRom
    - Integrated Light Path Diagnostics
    - Integrated Ultra160 SCSI controller
    - 1x 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Intel Ethernet controller
    - PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ports
    - VGA Port 8 MB SDRAM
    - 2x 100 MHz/64-bit PCI-X
    - 4x 66 MHz/64-bit PCI-X
    - Six hot-swap fans
    - 3x 370 Watt Hotswap power supplies
    Server Number 2 :
    Supermicro 5015M-MTB 1U Rack Server
    Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.0Ghz
    1GB DDR2 533 Memory
    2x 160GB Seagate SATA Disks (RAID 0/1)
    2x Spare Hard Drive Bays
    Dual Gigabit LAN
    3 Year Forward Replacement Warranty
    Complete Specs http://www.supermicro.com/products/s...S-5015M-MT.cfm

    OK...any advise which one better to buy? Number 1 or 2? we will buy it in 2/3 days after we've got decision.

    Thank again for your help...

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