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I've read on Microsoft Technet that IE7, when it's finalized, will be delivered automatically through Automatic Updates and the Windows Update and Microsoft Update sites... So much for free choice... But then again ...It is a security update to

This time however, Microsoft has learned from previous encounters, that not all enterprises appreciate these automatic pushed updates, and like to work with what they've got and "trust", or simply because they have applications that rely on the existing infrastructure/applications....

So, anyway ...This time they provide a blocker to stop the automatic update to IE7, and best of all ...It's non-expiring !

The non-expiring Blocker Toolkit includes both a Group Policy template and a script that set a registry key to prevent Automatic Updates and the Windows Update and Microsoft Update sites from offering Internet Explorer 7 as a high-priority update.
If you still suffer from an unwanted update ...
Internet Explorer 7 will replace Internet Explorer 6 on a userís machine. However, users will be able to roll back to Internet Explorer 6 by uninstalling Internet Explorer 7 via the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs utility.