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    Lightbulb Miami Vice.. omg

    Random, but good lord, could a movie suck less? Why not just go ahead and burn all copies of the tv show, and spit on them while inflamed..

    Seriously, although I left during the early third of the movie, i was disgusted, it was absolutely terrible. It was like bad boys II without the comedy or storyline, mixed with a touch of joe versus the volcano and an awful rip-off of blow, i mean seriously, the first 45 minutes or whatever had this storyline:

    Some random dude sells drugs, gets ****ed over, all of a sudden bad ass cops get involved, sell drugs, random incomprehensible sadly thrown in action, some confusing non-existent cop jargon, and a random love affair with colin farrel (sp?) and some asian chick who happens to be involved with a columbian drug lord who she hangs out with but is not involved with somehow, I mean good god, not only was it the most terribly written storyline, but the acting destroyed it. Jamie Foxx (sp? again) acted more like he was in a romance novel than an action movie, and colin farrel seemed like he didn't know where he was the entire (yet again, i only saw a bit of the movie before rolling out, disgusted and wanting my money back), movie, just completely awful.

    Blah, ranting, but omg i urge all of you to keep your money in your wallets and stay away from the commercial's taunts to actually watch this movie..

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    First the movie. It was far from good, but at no time did I actively contemplate biting my tongue off and using suicide as an escape. It was a free, and almost worth the price. If you think back, most movies have a few memorable scenes, humorous, effects-ridden or just interesting. Miami Vice did not. In fact, it was focused grouped to death, non-offensive in any way, but also studiously avoided doing anything interesting.

    To use the Disco Steve method of rating movies, a scale from 1 to infinity of how many miles he would walk to avoid the movie, I would give this an 8. It was a B grade drug movie with only the most tenuous ties to the original TV show. Colin Farrell was about as suave and cool as the guy running around a NASCAR infield, drunk out of his mind, rebel flag in hand, skid-marked underwear showing.

    The movie did have one thing that was extremely interesting though, the next campaign from the DRM infection folk.

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