/off topic slightly:

and after talking to those oh so smart people at Dell they want me to wipe it all and start over again to fix this issue and recreate the array
Funny you should mention that - one of my users phoned me the other dy to say his PC wont boot, I tried all the usual stuff but to no effect......found out I had a next business day support contract with Dell for that machine so phoned them up and palmed it off on to them.

The machine is 200 miles away from where I work from so I gave Dell the users phone number to contact as they always like to run through their own diagnosticts before sending an engineer out..............................long story short - I get an MSN message from the user "I'm on the phone to Dell and he has told me to format the hard drive and is going to talk me through it, is there a Windows XP CD handy anywhere?"

I sat there gob-smacked for a few minutes before telling him to hang up on the so called Dell tech support! I couldnt believe that a Dell engineer would format the hard drive of a commercial work station just like that - without asking anyone what data was on it etc etc!!

I took some perverse pleasure logging a complaint with em!

/sorry, back on topic