Looked at laptops on ebay and I've noticed something new (to me). I've been wondering when this was going to happen, and now it has...

Item for sale: New laptop
Price: Low (TGTBT)
Vendor's feedback: 10-20
Example ebay item: 270014959002

Looks interesting. After all, he *does* have positive feedback, might be a startup with access to cheap goods.

Look at users who've left feedback - the standard ebay phrases ("A+++++", "5 star" etc).
Look further at these users - all with feedback of zero, all very new.
Look at auctions they've participated in - all for 1 penny items with no description.

So we have people writing scripts to create:
* Fake auctions
* Fake users
* Fake transactions
* Fake feedback

All pretty straightforward, and finally here.

What this means is that people have to be a little more careful about vetting unknown vendors.