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Thread: Defcon 06

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    Defcon 06

    Did anyone go to this event? If so, any impressions on the overall experience?


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    Hey Hey,

    I didn't attend but several of my colleagues did... They said the parties and outside events were great but that the talks just didn't seem the greatest... Their exact words were "Either we're getting smarter or the talks are getting worse" or something along those lines... A lot of big names presented at only one of the talks (Black Hat)

    They will be doing a review of some of the talks on http://blog.ncircle.com -- Check out one post that's already up and note the irony of it @ http://blog.ncircle.com/archives/2006/08/post.htm.

    Also, for those in the GTA area, they, along with other attendees will be doing a review at an upcoming TASK meeting, check it out @ http://task.to.

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    Hmm...it was my first time there and my first thought was Jeebus it was crowded and on the disorganized side (at first)...I was told that it was quite a step up (location wise) from the previous conferences, but it was still jam-packed and fighting through the crowd to get a decent seat was a royal pain...There was alot of pretty cool stuff going on though (automated robots shooting targets (contest), CTF, Wall of Sheep, tons of gear/junk, and the lockpick village (not to mention the talks)...and of course the spot the fed had an interesting twist of someone sleeping with an attendee and then reporting him as a fed

    The quality of the talks varied WIDELY...some were great (most of the great ones were ones that were given at BlackHat, which I was happy about cause I didn't get to hear them all at blackhat since around 7 talks or so would go on at once)...and of course the parties were fun...still trying to recover from that trip...some of the talks were just uhm....bad.

    I can elaborate if you wanted more comments, but it seems you are just after general impressions...
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