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    Participants needed for VoIP study!

    Hi everyone,

    Im conducting a study of technology in the workplace and Id like the input from smart, tech-savvy individuals. The survey is totally anonymous and you wont be subject to annoying salespeople. I just need your help!!

    Take a look at http://www.lyrio.com/study ... it will take just a few minutes and your help will be invaluable in helping better understand actual end user behavior.

    Sample questions include:
    * Which would you get rid of first, your cellphone or email?
    * Do you know how to use the call forward function on your office phone?
    * If you had 10 new work voicemails, on average, how many would you listen to?



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    Do you work for Lyrio? Are you conducting the study?

    This smells

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    Not that good a survey IMO.

    Half the stuff would be irrelevant if you worked in a high security environment, or if you were reasonably senior?

    Also there is no parachute answer like "neither/none", "not applicable" or whatever? Even an "other, please specify" gives youir analyst a chance to interpret and recover the validity of the response.

    The problem with these crap surveys is that the surveyors should get the survey, SURVEYED first?

    defender73 ................ give your boss a slap from me huh?

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