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Wow, you really are funny. Considering that you make fun of yourself. Actually that was my point but in case you didn't notice I was congradulating you on perceptive thinking.
I have a tolerance for poor English (well in your case bad... bad... very bad... English) when it comes to people from other countries where English isn't their first language... However, you are American, you have no excuse. I understand that people immigrate and that in places the school systems aren't the best but that's still no excuse... There's even a spell check button in the thread... Give us all a break and proof read your posts and click the spell check button.

Also, given the punctuation used and the way you worded it... it wasn't your point...


LC - In order to give you any real advice on the subject, you're going to have to let us know your knowledge level, the level of the people you are lecturing and the goal of the course.