I don't know where to post this question but this is the most suitable place I found to ask the question...so I am asking it here. Some admin might put it in some more meaningful place!

After going through some of the pages some days back, I had come to know about a champ from my very own country namely ANKIT FADIA who wrote six bestselling books on hacking ( correct me if I am wrong). I found it interesting, sat down to take some time to google about him and after sometime the forum discussions in various board started speaking about wherether he is a CHEAT or if he is really a HACKER? Meanwhile I opened his profile and saw that he has worked with some top notch companies like Symantec, Ms,...etc. So I dont think that he is a FAKE HACKER.

Also after reading some of the pages of his book NETWORK SECURITY : A HACKER'S PERSPECTIVE, I THINK his book is quite good to start off with. I like the language and the tips he has given in so easy languagae.

Since you people are senior than me, knowinf much more than what I know about the online world, can you people explain who and what exactly is this chap???