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    I was told on a forum that He is a lameer...he doenst know anything about hacking..copies things form the net and so on.... I told the guys at the forum that its not so...He is a HACKER indeed...so they told me that can you give me the proof...I asked them that What if I tell you people asking people from antionline...one of the most prestigious site on security on the net?? They agreed and have declined now!!
    Nobody showed you this??
    You might want to check all the articles here.

    Infact I have already read all his 6 books, joined the course at reliance webworld (batch - 1) , taken the exam and stood 1 of the 5 toppers ( i wont disclose my name or rank though) in the copuntry in the exam he conducted....I am a fan of this GUY . This post I made in such a manner just bvecause I wanted to show those guys what ANKIT is genuinely! They now say that they agree with me.
    Nuthing new about this. Every damm wanna be kid in india is his fan. till that kid evolves into a hacker.

    Now I recall one incident here. In one of the public forums where he was visiting, i asked him very fundamental question abt anti-virus and the blunt reply came from him, "People should not use anti-viruses" geez it sucks. It is damm irresponsible statement to be given from a stage in a public speech.

    Now as far as him being hardcore hacker is concerned, I think that he is knowledgeable and can hack into most oof the systems but he is busy with all sort of regular things a normal person does....so he wont be doing the practise of hacking every now and then...but must be using the knowledge as and when required. I met him...he is nice to talk and behave.

    Thanks guys ..... you helped me shut their mouths! [/B]
    I guess you missed the point (and you say you googled???).

    You might want to answer this with numbers or citations.


    BTW in India E2labs got screwed some 4-5 years back, you might want to know why?

    My view about AK: He cashed on others efforts, that too shamelessly. Selfpromotion shamelessly. He is a lamer

    My suggestion 2 u : If you are capable, move on...he will always remain a kid. ou must try to grow.
    guru@linux:~> who I grep -i blonde I talk; cd ~; wine; talk; touch; unzip; touch; strip; gasp; finger; mount; fsck; more; yes; gasp; umount; make clean; sleep;

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    By the way I wanted to ask you about who is KEVIN MITNICK ???
    Well that is easy: he is (was) a true hacker and has irrefutable evidence to prove it, which Ankit Fadia does not..................Kevin Mitnick has a CRIMINAL RECORD! ...............so at least he can claim to be a hacker, but not a very good one, because he got caught. In fact he was caught and sentenced more than once


    Ankit Fadia is a total fraud. His alleged "writings" are clear plagiarisations, and he has produced no evidence af any original or innovative thinking on his part . He is basically a creature of the Indian news media and what I would describe as "a legend in his own imagination".

    Reality check folks.................little schoolboys don't get to work for Intelligence Organisations, other than in little schoolboys comic books....................

    And what would Ankit Fadia know about "steganography" other than what he had found in a Google search?.............to suggest that the FBI, CIA, MI5 and others don't have very experienced and highly qualified professionals, who have forgotten more about cryptography than Ankit Fadia will ever know, is clearly ridiculous.

    Anyway, if you don't believe me; check this out:


    Steganography detection techniques have been around long before 9/11

    Basically, bullcrap sells newpapers magazines and books................ both Mitnick and Fadia are examples of this.

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    Hmm.... I think I wil have to look into the matter and search even more carefully narrowing down my search at google. I didnt know about thi guy that much!!! Now I am going to ask him some questions throught mails and lemme see if he replies....dont ask me why he would reply. But after reading this much of stuff from your side about him being not a real hacker, i think it must be checked.

    Well before asking him something...I ask you one more thing: Do you think that I have enough kowledge to pose a question before him???
    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

    - Albert Einstein

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    And hey nihil...after reading some part of Kevin mitnick's THE ART OF DECEPTION , I think that he was more of a social engineer than a technical hacker. Was he really as good on the technical front too???
    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

    - Albert Einstein

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    Was he really as good on the technical front too???
    That is actually a very difficult question, as you can only be as "good" as the technology of your day?......... obviously you can't hack things that have not been invented yet

    Another thing, a lot will depend on what was "fashionable" in the hacking community of the time.

    I believe that Telcos and ISPs were fashionable back then?

    Technically he was good enough to be sent to prison, so he represented a real and plausible threat.

    I would not consider getting caught to be a negative reflection on technical ability, only on a person's criminal ability

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    hey ByteWrangler

    1. In all his books he has just COPY and PASTED someone else's whitepaper or article from the net. In his very first book (an unofficial guide to ethical hacking) he even copy pasted the spelling mistakes

    2. One of his most recent books on hacking cellphones in one of the most worthless book you can purchase, in which he still has continued taking article from the net.

    3. While in mumbai, IIT students knew more then him


    5. After 2 years from 9-11 he is considered a fake.

    6. HE WAS DENIED ENTRY INTO DEFCON (when he tried to get attention just because of his name) but this I have not conformed.
    I can even certify your 6th point. In fact, that was the moment which actually opened my eyes. One of my friends in the stanford doing MS told me that he fakes a lot, tries to be the greatest geek of the world, which he's not!

    Yes, he have some skills then again he's one of those few lucky guys who get recognised for nothing.

    As for the reliance thing, fadia's father or some relative is one of the directors in Anil Ambani's group(I dunno the corp exactly). So, no problem in getting a personalised course......

    Initially, Reliance guys said that they'll consider the top 5 of the batch(as Jockey claims) for a job in the Reliance Infocomm, but they backed out later. Coz, there were no big turnout of people for attending the course.

    As for his knowledge, he certainly knows some of the exploits but but but remember......

    "Knowing an exploit doesnt make you a hacker, its finding the exploits that makes you one!!"

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    well as far as my vision goes, all I can say is that I think that to sopme extent you people might be right! He might be the one to KNOW the exploits and not the one who finds them! And as far as reliance offering a JOB is concerned, I did not get any job offer or even have a Hint about this one....But I think that if I serach for this thing too on google.

    One thing i know that there wasnt a GREAT turnout of people joining the course...indeed! So you might be true on this point.

    and codenamevirus....you said that
    "Knowing an exploit doesn't make you a hacker, its finding the exploits that makes you one!!"
    I COMPLETELY agree with that...

    Well...one more thing : I ask you a simple question ... I am no hacker but i want to be one for sure ( no criminal intentions ) and thats why I am here to get some knowledge from the forum, the expertise and develope my own. Let me tell you my own story in a very brief manner ans ask you a simple question:

    I am a 18 year old KID who has almost no prior experinece in HACKING anything...but as some of the responders of this thread would have looking in my another thread named "WHAT MAKES REGISTRY..." I have written everything based on my own reserch...It too might look to you fake as after searching onm net afterwards, I came to know that many tricks i disclose on my site ( my site aint a big one) were already somewhere on the net except the one which mentioned which file exactly stood for the HKCU key....I know there are people with so great expertise that you people might thrash me over that!! But I honestly say that I found it all by myself..what can I do if i come to know afterwards that the thing is already found by others too!??

    Anyway let me continue...I have just passed my Class 12th and got admission in my Bachelors...(classes yet to start ). Till class 10th I did not know anything...just anything abou the computer..all I knew was that there is a start button in a computer and you need to click there to get started. Afterwards I wanted to know about the net, move to syber cafes and after crashing so many of them so many times ( windows 98 was used...so you know how stable it is) that I started knowing many things about this machine. Slowly and slowly I started discovering new things..reading magazines and joining forums...doing things by my own...( I can do most of the common tasks [including shell commands] by my own in Linux without being guided at a single point of time). So my whole mentality is to find new things up.

    I also discovered a flaw in windows XP where the restricted batch files can be opened and made 2 be executed even in case batch files are restricted! I think you all know it from a lot of time ( i GUARANTEE I am a n00b here). So I know that to some extent my thinking pattern matches with that of a hacker....I dont know to what extent.

    I want to become a HACKER for sure and I know I will have to be a GURU at networking and programming before I can do anything more....my current knwledge is the limit..if I dont jump next to programming. I know basic C++ of making some small programs work in DOS.

    Every other hacker ( really a hacker ) I asked on net has told me that Linux is better...but somehow my Linux doesnt idetify my modem...nor are any packeges available for that...so doing a socket programming there wont help me for sure....so answer two of my questions friends: ( Just dont ignore me coz I am a FAN ...(and remain) of ANKIT FADIA)

    1> Do you think that with a thinknig pattern like me, I can become a hacker....am I on the right track ?

    2> Do I continue with windows (winSock) so that I could start playing around with the networks? Is it OKAY to start ( at least) with Windows??

    I hope that this community will not FLAME me for being an ANKIT FADIA fan...and would answer my simple questions genuinely.

    Thanks a lot.
    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

    - Albert Einstein

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    Do I think you can become a Hacker/Cracker : SURE YOU CAN.

    But you need to slow down a bit. Let me explain. I don't know how much you spent at that 'Stupid relience" course. Anyway it must be around 5000-10,000 INR ?? Then my friend you need to slow down here. Just don't take up classes or lectures or even books for that matter because of their name's or who is teaching them. I seriously think you should go to a career counselor, they will guide you a lot better.

    One of the most senior members suggested me the following way to become good in computer security (thanks again Shark )

    Get to know the protocols TCP/IP in depth
    Learn how the OS works
    Learn how other software's feature end up as security threat's
    and from here you start your LLOONNGG journey being a good computer hacker.

    Second thing :
    NO ONE HERE WILL FLAME AT YOU FOR BEING A FAN OF ANKIT FADIA. No member here is for a flaming and If some one does appear then we have a bunch of MODS who will take care of it.

    You are still young and I'm sure if you take correct steps you will make big out there. Get guidance, ask questions, ask them again if you cant get them. Appreciate other people's replies and you will learn a lot from this site.

    Oh ya lastly as for Linux... Search for tute's by GORE in AO's tuts section and you will get all the information you need. If you want ask some questions in Linux section and trust me you will find more people answering then in Windows. Anyway don't give up on Linux because it doesn't detect your modem... It can do everything windows can and much more........

    I wish you all the best for your future...
    Parth Maniar,

    *Thank you GOD*

    Greater the Difficulty, SWEETER the Victory.

    Believe in yourself.

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    ByTeWrangler.... I can't express how happy I am after getting that good feedback. HOwever I will still continue about telling about myself so that you people can help me more... I will tell my situation at various points in your previous post STEP by STEP.

    you say : SLOW DOWN A BIT???

    Let me tell you that I spent Rs. 4000 only due to the special discount offered to me by the webstore manager of the webworld outlet registered from....so I got there in a bit cheaper DEAL.

    And again, I didnt lern ANYTHING during the course...I just brushed up what I already knew...and from last 6 months..I never got time except the course duration to brush up things! I did that course just to PROVE it to my mother that I am good enough to get into this field....she always told me that I am worth nothing....so it was just toprove my capabilities and I am happy I was successful.

    You say get in touch with some career counsellor... well... I dont know ( you have not shown) which country you belong to but here in INdia the situation is such that If there is a career in computers, it has to be in the software engineering sector ONLY. SO it is going to be very hard to find the one who will guide me on the path I want to go. And then... I like to carve my ways out myself...as I have been doing so far ( even though slowly).

    As far as KNOWING those things is concerned, I try my best to know more things from OFFICIAL resources such as learning TCP / IP from RFCs. I know the protocol PRETTY well ( of course not completely). I have read the Operating systems ( fourth edition ) written by William Stallings and have understood it Bit-by-bit. Now if that book was good enough in you people eyes, then You can understand how much I know ( or I dont know).

    About softwares, I do like to observer things and find interesting things....since I am not a sofwtare developer, It is quitew a hard task...but I try my best to do what ever I do....these days I am learning VB...yes that is lame...but I think that it is the best one to START with and then move on to C# ( I love the power it gives to developers with its tools and HIghly OOPs architecture).

    And you know what BYTE... I choose 1 in a 100 people to be liked..and I dont know how much ANKIT FADIA knows but certainly he is my TEACHER in a way and whole my life i have learn to respect my teachers....so that will continue....to love that boy.

    ANd you ask me to questions from people here???? I laugh at that mt friend....because most of the people ignore me due to the HUGE amount of questions I ask....Even though Google is a good resource but it confuses a lot too! And I BET you that if I start asking the questions I wanted to....then I will be banned from the forum for SPAMMING...ha ha ha!

    As far as lInux is concerned, I never give up...never and I surely know that Linux is more powerful than windows In ost of the aspects except Multimedia and USB ( which my phone is connected as a MODEM to)!

    Anyway thanks for your warm compliments. I know myself that I am not as newbie as my [NUMBER OF POSTS] shows...of course I am a newbie..knowing nothing against you people. But I will need you people in my LLOOONNNNGG journey. Hope you will be there.

    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

    - Albert Einstein

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    I have read the first two books when i was in 11th standard and then grew over it(I rarely use it for refrence).I was really dissapointed by the book,most of it were of no intrest to me.But i found the book "linux hacking exposed" to be very good and worth th money you invest for buying it.
    May be you can also try the range of books available in the exposed series(web application hacking(or something like that), network security/hacking) .Hope this helped.I think you trying to go for windows specific programmming, i dont say that its wrong (may be you are older than me im only 18), so no advices only tips.
    If you really want tolearn programming try linux ,i have read the codes and am proud to say that i didnt understand any thing i read (the c code that is).Visit www.paulgraham.com, read some articles and you will get my argument.
    you look up and a bird shits in the sky ,you fall on your knees and thank god that buffalos dont fly.

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