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Thread: key logger help

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    key logger help

    hi, im just awondering how you can fix a key logger problem, or how u can check your Pc for a key logger

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    google signature based and hook based anti-keyloggers.

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    I might do two things to check to see if my computer has a keylogger on it.

    *It's assumed that the computer is running Windows 2k or newer.*

    First I would:
    - Disconnect the computer from the internet. (not the network...just the interenet)
    - Share the root directory.
    - Use a clean computer to map to the root share I created and scan the entire hard drive using the latest updates from at least 2 commercial antivirus programs. (the commercial programs are obviously just my preference in this case.)

    The problem with this method is that the memory of the suspect infected computer is not scanned and whatnot so here's what I might do if I'm still paranoid and whatnot.

    Create a BartPE disk with plugins of all of my favorite malware dection softwares (SAV, McAfee, Spybot,AdAware...etc), and of course, include all of the most recent updates.

    -Then use the Bart Disk to scan the computer.

    Those are two ways that you can check your computer for a keylogger. You just might have to buy some software which is a little price to pay compared to what you could loose if someone could get your passwords and such with a keylogger program.
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    You could also try an online scan like Panda (which picks up almost all my keyloggers except for a very old one), Spybot, and Pest Patrol. Antivirus apps like AntiVir are going to pick up most keyloggers too.
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    All your keyloggers?? How many keyloggers do you keep on your PC ?!?

    This program is very good at finding any trojans and keyloggers and it's free. However I put it on one PC and it drove me mad, wanting to scan absolutely everything all the time and refusing to accept my telling it that certain programs were OK. But it was thorough, I'll give it that - and if you have a keylogger on your system I'm certain it would find it.

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    I agree with Moira, when it comes to keyloggers, diallers and the like Emsisoft's A-Squared takes some beating.

    I also find that Pest Patrol is good at finding stuff the more conventional anti-malwares don't.

    The one that I would add is EWIDO. It finds all sorts of things It is a 28 day trial with the interactive protection, after that you can use it "on demand" and manually update the pattern files for free.

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    Well I think the way to go is to first scan the computer with a good antivirus/spyware solution and then use a good firewall and allow only only tructed softwares to access the net. Also, its always better to see the list of running programs. If it not shown by the taskmgr, What's Running is a great software to be used.

    Whats running will help you the actual pathname of the process so that a process doesnt fool a user by running a process in the name of svchost.exe .

    And Nihil was quite humorous about the physical keyloggers......(the kind I belong to) ....
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