Forgive me, HT. I guess I was wrong. A question like that coming from someone who describes himself as a "Know-it-All Master Beaver" had me thinking it was purely a rhetorical question.

So, here it is from the horse'$ mouth:

"Auto Logon stores your logon name and password in the registry, allowing you to automatically log on to Windows...without typing in your user name or password in the logon user interface. However, Auto Logon could also enable other users to access your files and use your name to commit malicious acts on the system (for example, anyone with physical access to the computer can boot the operating system and automatically be logged on). If you have Auto Logon enabled and you do not want to change it, make sure that you do not store any sensitive information on the computer. Since anyone who has physical access to your computer can use the autologon feature you should only use this feature in an environment that is both trusted and secured."

Hope that helps. We cool now?